Various restaurants with varieties of food from Far East, Mediteranian, local and much more.

  Burj Al Arab

On Request Enjoy fine dining at any of the prestigious award winning restaurants at Burj Al Arab.

  • Choice of lunch, dinner or high afternoon tea
  • Choice of different array of restaurants and cuisines

  Palace Hotel

Emirates Palace offers palatial restaurants which bring the world’s finest cuisines. Gourmet meals for example exquisite seafood of the Sayad and magnificent view of the Gulf gives fabulous experience for the visitor. The Caviar Bar is also popular because of its world class champagne menu and caviar selections with live traditional music.

  Atmosphere Burj Khalifa

The peak of fine dining in Dubai is not merely a figurative experience. Rising 442 meters from the ground, Atmosphere sits on Level 122 of the world’s tallest building, complementing an exquisite array of gastronomical wonders with breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. Atmosphere Culinary Team boasts a critically acclaimed menu of exclusive creations, the result of sourcing unique, high quality produce from around the world, some of which have been grown exclusively to be used in our dishes.
Book your table and enjoy a lounge and luxury dining experience that simply rises above the rest.

  Abdel wahab Souk El Bahr

With its oriental décor featuring damascene walls, brass ornaments and blown glass elements, the restaurant is an invitation Lebanese Hospitality. Overlooking the tallest building in the world – The Burj Khalifa and the largest building in the world. As for the cuisine, it features not only traditional mezze, but also a choice of two daily dishes. Narguileh brings added enjoyment, making “Abdel Wahab” a delightful place to relax.

  Hadheeral Bab Al Shams

Bab al shams is where our guest to find the real cooking of Arabia eventually led. Al Hadheerah restaurant at this three year-old resort, from Dubai’s home-grown luxury hotel chain Jumeirah, takes real pride in its regional cooking. This proved the wonderful varieties of entertainment and activities.

  MusicHall Event

A Great Musical entertainment at Music Hall Dubai. Four hours Musical experience with Rock, reggae and jazz, to Arabic, gypsy and Latino, music from every corner of the globe will be showcased with a distinctive blend of more than ten live acts per night, combining a unique lively atmosphere with quality entertainment and good food.

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