Splendid’s fleet of chauffeur-driven limousines puts the magic back into going from A to B. Simple things like airport transfers, shopping sojourns, city tours and corporate events all come alive when done in the comfort of one’s own chartered luxury limousine that range from the super-luxurious to simply luxurious. So, no matter what our VIP guests choose, they can never choose wrong.

  Private Jets

Making sure that once our VIP guests tire of terra firma, they still have place to play are Splendid Private Jets. Helping make the skies their playground, we have joined forces with a huge network of top-class partners, worldwide, to offer private jet charters with literally sky-high levels of service and safety standards along with the most stringent codes of privacy and confidentiality.

  Luxury Yachts Service

When your guests want to get away from it all and still be surrounded by it, Splendid recommends its top-of-the-line yacht charter packages and services, individualized to perfection. Skilled and international licensed crew at home in the sea, qualified, competent and multi-lingual hostesses, and award-winning chefs who are purveyors of exceptional culinary creations all complement our state-of-the-art fleet of yachts and give your guests the finest of fine high-sea experiences.

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